Alphabay Link I2p – Notorious AlphaBay Darknet Market Comes Back To Life

The above text has been a brief history and current situation surrounding AlphaBay return and why people should use it. All text have been copied from the AB website itself. The below text is our own review on this market and should people use it or not. AlphaBay is currently the largest darknet market operating on the dark web with over 10,000 vendors , 800,000 registered buyers and over 35,000 listings, which mostly contain drugs and chemicals and as well as Fraud. AlphaBay was different to other marketplaces by constantly innovating and pushing new features some of which have now became industry-standard. Non-standard services and featuers included customisable digital contracts around building reputations, autodispatch listings , sticky listings , featured listing , PGP-signed withdraw addresses and more.

  • Even though markets are primarily dominated by “Drugs”, you can find just about every other thing such as Guns, Hacked credit cards, hacked software etc over there as well.
  • Select “User” as your account type, enter the captcha, and then click “Register” to complete the registration process.
  • It is well known in the darknet community for being a trustworthy and anonymous market, which contributes to its widespread appeal as a shopping destination for users of the underground internet.
  • The second problem with these marketplaces is their URLs generally aren’t easy to remember and are made up of random bunches of alphabets and numbers.
  • Coming up is the testing and finalization of the payment module, which will ostensibly replace AlphaGuard, AlphaBay’s current payment dispute and protections system.
  • This type of darknet is primarily used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking and pornography.

When you make a purchase, only your purchase history will be shared to the vendor. Advanced Trust/Distrust System for buyers and vendors as well as review system for both as well. Automated Dispute Resolver system is a dispute resolution system.

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Security is taken care of as features such as 2-FA, login Phrase, PGP and Multisig are available. Features an advanced search-functionality which lets users filter min-max price range, source, destination, as well as payment type. Two of its dominant product categories are Drugs , and Digital Goods amounting to 1995 and 1897 individual listings respectively. When you first land on Cryptonia Market, it would show you a list of “Top Vendors”. These are the vendors you should go with whenever you can. These have an established reputation and least chances of scamming you.


Freenet is primarily concerned with the anonymous distribution and storage of content across the Freenet which can be retrieved by other Freenet users even after the publishing node goes offline. Internal Freenet sites are named freesites which is synonymous with Tor’s onion sites and I2P’s eepsites. Like other darknets, Freenet encrypts data in transit and at rest, and routes traffic through an arbitrary number of nodes to obfsucate the originator. No Freenet node knows whether the node it is forwarding data to is the final destination or just another node along the way.

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Trusted members of the community may act as escrow agents. AlphaBay now only accepts the cryptocurrency Monero, and heavily promotes that users access it via I2P instead of Tor, calling their Tor services “mirrors” to the main I2P eepsite. DeSnake’s detailed instructions for installing I2P on Dread fail to mention the potential risks of peer discovery and de-anonymization through known techniques like Eclipse and Sybil attacks in conjunction with flood-fill takeovers.


If it’s specifically “Drugs” a buyer is looking for, Rxwholesale seems like a pretty good place to start. It’s a single-vendor marketplace and hence there’s no Escrow. Rather, they can simply pay for each order individually at checkout. A marketplace on the Tor network, that sells illegal goods is a darknet market. By that definition, Kingdom Market totally qualifies to be on this list.

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From there, you will recognize a fairly standard webmail interface and should be able to send and receive email to both I2P addresses and regular internet email addresses. At this time there are two common ways to send and receive email between I2P and regular internet email addresses. SusiMail comes bundled with your I2P router and there is also a plugin named I2P Bote. Both can be used to send email within I2P, but at this time only SusiMail can be used to send email to and from regular internet addresses. Keep in mind that any proxy plugin will necessarily see all of your internet traffic so you need to trust it. According to their major features and design, at least five archetypes of marketplaces can be distinguished.


The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. A popular military tool during the Cold War, spy balloons have since fallen out of favor—for good reason. Ever-expanding cloud storage presents more risks than you might think. Of course, everything DeSnake told WIRED may itself be misdirection designed to help him further evade those agencies. To avoid the risk of his PC being grabbed while he’s logged into AlphaBay, DeSnake says he also shuts it down entirely every time he steps away from it, even to take a bathroom break.

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It is the marketplace which introduced most features you see today on other places such as sticky listing, featured listings, autoshops, monero as a payment, PGP-signed addresses, shared account access for vendors and so on. Many darknet markets offer escrow systems, holding buyers’ and sellers’ funds to prevent nonfulfillment. The new AlphaBay’s version is a decentralized system, dubbed “AlphaGuard,” which DeSnake claims will offer protection against both exit scams and takedowns. Our end goal is to create a fully autonomous, decentralized and anonymous network which can support the creation of a marketplace ‘brand’ by anyone. We will create an ‘AlphaBay’ market on that network and migrate our community, giving users and vendors ability to buy, sell and trade in a decentralized manner. Potentially other marketplaces will join the network as it mitigates their requirements and risk of arrest without giving up management control .

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Monero offers the perfect mix between usability, community support, security and anonimity. Warning points are used to moderate accounts who do not obey by the simple website rules. In the past we have seen multiple times users do the same thing over and over and over again without any consequences. It took many man hours to deal with few individuals who continued to do things which have not been explicitly disallowed but which affected negatively the productivity of staff. Too many warning points results in account limitation, if the violation is too severe an outright ban by assigning the highest number of warning points. We have moved away from Bitcoin because not only transactions are too transparent but also because users (buyers/vendor) do not obfuscate it enough either due to being incompetent or lazy.

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